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What is your best FPL Story?

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Usually slugging it out with a mate for which of us (usually me!!!) wins the mini-league we're in.  A couple of seasons ago persuaded him to do a "you show me mine..." team reveal a few days before the deadline.

Got a good idea of which premiums he was set on.  Imagine his delight when I then showed him my team, which was still the auto-pick one 🙃

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Twas 17-18 season I think

I was 4th in a work Mini-league.... all hope was lost

In the latter GWs of that Season, Man City had a DGW.

I Triple Captained Aguero, he had 3+ returns across the DGW.

This propelled me to the top of the mini-league, I held on for a most famous victory

I still remind those losers about that Triple Captain awesomeness

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My story goes back to the 22/23 season when Son wasn't scoring for Spurs. 

As above, I was competing in my mini league. I was at work saying how I was going to bring in Son. I said he was overdue a goal and he is bound to score because he has gone around 6-7 weeks without a goal. My mate at work laughed at me. This was the week when I used my Free Hit. 

So the gameweek deadline comes and goes, only to find out Son was benched when the team sheets are released. Sigh!

I look at my phone and there was no sign of him being brought on until mid way through the 2nd half. Yay I thought, 1 point!

Then a few minutes later my phone pings, Son scores, a few minutes after that another ping, Son got a 2nd goal, and yes a few minutes later Son scored his 3rd goal!!!

I was bouncing and I went into work on Monday reminding everyone. 

And of course....I never brought Son in my team again all season after that and I bagged his 19 points. 




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I have had a few over the years and perhaps I did not recognise at the time how significant they were until finding a community like this. 

One of my most recent ones that I had last season was where I owned Ben White from Arsenal before he was as popular as he is now. He got subbed off in the 2nd half and I bagged his clean sheet. 

Of course, my mini league rival (work colleague) had another Arsenal defender that did not keep his clean sheet bonus. 🤣

It is the little things that make the difference lolololol.....

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