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The European Super League (ESL)


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So with the news of the ESL hitting the media again recently. I thought I would ask what are peoples opinions of a European Super League? 

There seems to be a strong resistance to the idea by fans which I can understand. However, IMO I think it is going to happen in the end. Be it a UEFA super league or a breakaway league, I really think this will be the evolution of football.

The CL is changing in 24/25 and it appears to be a complicated format with a lot more games for the teams involved. To me this is just the precursor to a full on league system in the years to come. There is far too much money ready to be spent on an ESL and both teams and sponsors want it. 

I think if it were to happen there would need to be promotion and relegation from and to the English league system. Otherwise it would be the end of the English league system as we know it.

Your thoughts?

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Interesting hearing that the Champions League is having a new format. I was not aware. 

From a Wednesday perspective in regards to a super league, and I know you are a Wednesdayite too FPL_Hoodini. I fear with too much money being at the top it would only harm the lower league clubs making the gaps between the divisions wider between the ESL, PL and EFL. This being from a financial point of view and skill level. With the bright lights of European football and all that money, I don't think the lower leagues of English football are given much thought. 

Also, I think that when the realisation that Liverpool and Man United / Man City fans may not win so many league titles anymore, there may be some resistance from fans. 

However, I am a realist and if you look back over the history of football in England. Every so often changes have happened with the league system and as you said, it may only be a matter of time before football evolves. 

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