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Which team do you support and tell us why?

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Ok, so I will go first....

Team: Sheffield Wednesday FC

Why?: Although I do not live in Sheffield, my dad, uncle and nan all supported Sheffield Wednesday. A part of my nans family lived in and around Hillsborough, Sheffield so the family influence was always there. I just stuck with the tradition and followed the team that I heard so much about. Also winning the League Cup in '91 in my childhood was also a big influence. 

It is just a shame we have not been able to make it back to the Premier League in 24 years. 

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Team: Fulham FC

Why?: Back in the day (90s) I supported Man City, to go against my Dad who Supported Posh Beckham and Man U. We did not get much footy on the TV back then in New Zealand so we only knew about the teams thru the Sports News. I did watch the goals of the year/Season/Month and Matt Le Tissier was always featured, so I decided maybe I should support Soton, Man City had seemingly dropped out of Football... nowhere to be seen and no Idea if they would ever re-surface. In the early 2000s EPL became more accessible and I wanted a team to support once and for all - so I looked into which team was similar in history and Status to my hometown Rugby team - the mighty Canterbury Crusaders..... it was Fulham, great history, same colour scheme and hopefully just as much success.
Then in 2011, when the Mrs and I did our own European Tour, I made sure we were based in Fulham area on London. I tried to force her to love Fulham, just by being there, she was not convinced. Until then I felt guilty for supporting a team without going to the place they represented, now I can say I am Fulham thru and thru.

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