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What is the Best Defensive Approach in FPL?



When it comes to "Your Defence" in FPL....does you team struggle to pick up points?

I often find players who are new to FPL often overlook how important a good defensive plan can be, and even misunderstand how they can get the best from their defensive players.

Below are some simple points for you to consider when planning your FPL defence. 

Your Defence:

  • You must choose 5 defenders. 
  • It is recommended that you choose 5 players who start for their teams to use and rotate. 
  • Defenders points returns are mainly from clean sheets, assists and bonus points. Whilst some may get the odd goal. 
  • I would recommended to start with 3 defenders, rather than 4 or 5 each week.
  • You generally have more returns by starting with more midfielders and strikers in your team, therefore starting with 3 defenders allows for more attacking options. 
  • With additional minutes being played from the 2023/2024 season, there is a higher chance of late goals being conceded and therefore defenders not keeping a clean sheet. This is another reason to only start with 3 defenders. 
  • The 3 defenders that you choose should ideally be wing backs or a player involved in teams attacking approach.
  • A wing back plays as a defender and a midfielder. A wing back has the possibility scoring points for assist as well as getting a clean sheet. 
  • Your defence doesn't have to be taken up by premium players, however there is no harm in having at least 1 premium defender. 
  • Your defenders do not need to be from all the top tier clubs. However, you may want to choose some from the likes of Arsenal and Man City etc. 
  • Mid table teams often get clean sheets and should also be considered when planning.
  • Ideally, you should look at 10-15 games ahead and look at a match planner to see which teams have the best fixtures to potentially keep a clean sheet / get goals. Then rotate your 5 players accordingly based on the 10-15 game schedule. 

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