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What is the Best Goalkeeping Strategy?



Have you ever found yourself fretting over a lack of clean sheets in your FPL team?

One position that can be rather frustrating and one that is perhaps not the most attractive in FPL is the position of the goalkeeper. Therefore to help you understand this position a bit better and to gain the most points from this position, I have written a summary below of what you need to consider when choosing your FPL goalkeeping strategy. That is, if you have a strategy....


You are required to own two goalkeepers to within your £100m budget.
Goalkeepers gain points from minutes played, saves, penalty saves, clean sheets and ultimately bonus points

There are two main strategies you can take when choosing your team.

Strategy 1: The Goalkeeping Rotation

This is when you choose two goalkeepers who are constant starters in the PL. i.e. they are two number ones. The idea behind this strategy is that you get to swap your keepers around depending on what fixtures they have. Let's say your first choice is a Spurs keeper and your 2nd choice is the Everton keeper.  

An example of this is perhaps your first choice keeper is playing 2 homes fixtures in a row against weaker sides i.e. Burnley and Sheffield United. Whilst, then your 2nd choice keeper has a run of 2 fixtures after that where he has the most favourable choices against weaker sides in the run of fixtures. The idea being, you put yourself in a position to swap your keepers depending on the best possible outcome. This gives you a more favourable chance of getting some clean sheets points. 

Ultimately, you want look at the fixture list in the first 20 games to see which two goalkeepers you can afford that are the best to rotate between fixtures. All you need is a fixture schedule and fixture difficulty rating for this. 

The difficulty with this strategy is that you may find it difficult to afford x 2 higher end goalkeepers within your 100m squad. So, you may need to choose two cheaper option goalkeepers to rotate. 

Strategy 2: The Static Approach

The 2nd approach and probably the most old school is choosing 1 main keeper who costs a bit more, then choosing a 2nd keeper who is cheaper but is still a first choice for his team.

An example of this may be an Arsenal goalkeeper who costs around £5.5m and then a Forest goalkeeper who costs £4m. 

The idea behind this strategy is to choose the best defensive team over 38 gameweeks to seek those clean sheets, whilst you have a back up keeper in case your main keeper gets injured.  The 2nd choice may not score that many, but some points are better than no points. 

One benefit of this strategy is that you get to choose your keepers and forget about it until there is a problem with injuries. 

Which strategy do you prefer? 

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